Because the Future will Come from Sustainability!

About Sustainability

Sustainability, by definition, is the ability to make the life of humanity permanent while ensuring the continuity of production and diversity. In other words, it is our ability to meet our own needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Proceeding from this, this concept is used to leave a world in which economic, ecological and at the same time social conditions can be maintained for future generations.

Although the environmental meaning comes to mind first when it is Dec “sustainability”, this concept actually expresses a holistic perspective that combines ecological, social conditions and economic components. Sustainability should not be considered only in its environmental sense. It means meeting the economic and social needs of the time we are in without harming the opportunities of future generations.

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Expected Population in 2070

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Air Pollution Index

Raising Awareness

We Need to Raise Awareness of Our Children about Sustainability for Our Future

children born in 2020 will experience the climate crisis much more severely than we do. It is the main task of all of us to instill sustainability in future generations without creating fear and inaction, to create a more livable environment.

For example, show the forest areas that have been cut down to create a new path. Note that this way you can get to the city using less fuel, but cutting down trees to make way means that the creatures living there will have to find new habitats for themselves. Establish the connection between Decontamination, transportation and animal protection throughout your own life.

The Main Factors

Sustainability Factors


Environmental Sustainability

It is emphasized that the natural resources contained in nature will one day be exhausted and that these resources should be used in an intelligent way. He advocates environmental sustainability, which is of great importance for every living being.


Social Sustainability

Education, health, well-being, safe life, quality of life, etc. it focuses on the sustainability of social conditions in the fields. It provides for the enrichment of the Dec between people, as well as the achievement of individual and group goals.


Economic Sustainability

Sustainability of production and consumption dynamics is a very important concept for ensuring economic continuity and development.



When all these components work together in harmony, the potential for meeting human Dec and needs now and in the future increases and thus sustainable development is achieved.