The stars of exports in the chemical sector have received their awards

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  • The stars of exports in the chemical sector have received their awards
The stars of exports in the chemical sector have received their awards

The stars of exports in the chemical sector have received their awards

The stars of exports in the chemical sector have received their awards

representing more than 8,500 active exporting companies, IKMIB realized 58.75 percent of Turkey's total chemical exports in 2021.

The export stars of 2021 have been announced in the chemistry sector, which is the second largest export sector in Turkey. Due to the honor and successful member companies in the chemical sector exports in order to promote the Istanbul chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters ' Association (IKMIB) annual “stars of export award ceremony ikmib”, was held on March 21, 2022. The ceremony, which was held for the seventh time this year, was also broadcast live on IKMIB's youtube channel, T.C. Deputy Minister of Trade Reza Tuna Turagay, T.C. Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, Ismail Gülle, President of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Adil Pelister, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IKMIB, and representatives of the company who received the award attended. At the Award Ceremony, 170 companies that ranked in the top 5 in a total of 34 categories in the sub-sectors and product groups of chemistry were eligible to receive awards. 

The chemical sector, which performs a strategic task in the economy by providing raw materials or semi-finished products to other sectors along with 16 sub-sectors from plastics to paints, cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, provides a great added value to the national economy with its 11.2 percent share of total exports. According to the data of the first three quarters of 2021, world chemical exports amounted to $ 3.07 trillion, while the Turkish chemical sector ranked 29th with a 0.76 percent share in global sector exports.  

Riza Tuna Turagay: ”Our chemical sector clearly shows that it is one of the leading sectors of Turkey in PMI”

Speaking at the award ceremony, T.C. Deputy Minister of Trade Reza Tuna Turagay, recalling that the year-end target of the country's exports is $ 250 billion, said: “Our exports are increasing. we closed 2021 with an 11 percent growth. We have become one of the countries that have reached the highest growth rate in the world. When we look at the PMI figures, we come across the chemical sector and the plastics sector. Our chemical and plastics sector clearly shows that it is one of the leading sectors of Turkey in PMI. The chemical sector completed last year with exports of $ 25.4 billion. As of March 20, it reached $ 6.4 billion in 3 months this year. We are talking about an increase of 37.1 percent. While Turkey's total exports increased by 32.9 percent last year, our chemical sector increased its exports by 38.8 percent. When we look at this year, our exports increased by 21.4 percent in the first two months, while our chemical sector increased its exports by 37 percent. There are high increases in raw material prices and commodity prices, but we are still achieving successes thanks to you. The sector also has an import-dependent structure of 75 percent. For this purpose, investments that will open the future of Turkey, such as industrial zones, super incentives, petrochemical investments, are important. Our share in world exports is 5 per thousand. We need to take this a lot higher. We need to work harder, we need to invest more. We still have a long way to go in the chemical industry. An important breakthrough of the Chemical Technology Center is an important step forward.”

Mehmet Fatih Kacir: "We support the Chemical Technology Center project”

T.C. Mehmet Fatih Kacir, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, said in his speech that the chemical sector is a very important, very critical sector, adding: “The chemical sector is a very important sector all over the world. There is no developed country that would be successful without developing this sector. Because we are talking about a sector that makes a very critical contribution to the development of many sectors and gives 77 of the 100 products it produces as inputs to other sectors. We are aware of this importance and we carry out our studies with this understanding. We have been working very closely with our Exporters' Association and our stakeholders so far. We designed the move program together. We have identified priority products and innovative technology areas together. I hope that in the near future we will Dec the results of this program and continue to pave the way for many R & D projects and many investments that will add value to Turkey's future. As a ministry, we have also prioritized the chemical sector in our project-based support. Our support will also be with you in the Chemical Technology Center project we are working with. We will carry Turkey's National Technology Move goals together first to 2023 and then to much more advanced goals,”he said.

Ismail Gülle: "As of today, our chemical sector has risen to the first sector position”

Emphasizing that last year was a memorable year in every sense, Ismail Gülle, President of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), said, “We have completed 2021 with a great record. Now we have an export target of 250 billion dollars in front of us. Last year, Turkey underlined its promise to become a supply center due to the deterioration in the supply chain, which we have often expressed, with an export surplus of $ 25 billion. Turkey will be instrumental in many good developments related to this supply center in the coming process. We see that in this post-pandemic world, where the war and the regional economy will be reshaped in the process from now on, Turkey will be the shining star. The biggest force of this will be you exporters. Our chemical sector was our second sector last year, and when I look at the figures this year, our chemical sector has risen to the first sector position as of today. In the two and a half months so far, the export performance of our chemical sector really deserves a lot of applause. I sincerely congratulate you all on this success. from 3rd to 2nd, from 2nd to 1st... We are proud of this sector. For the first time, our country received a share of over 1 percent in world trade in 2021. So our goal is to get a 1 percent share of world trade as a chemical sector.”

Adil Pelister: “We will open the Chemical Technology Center this year”

Noting that the post-corona world has entered a new era and a new order has been formed, IKMIB Chairman Adil Pelister said, “Undoubtedly, we, as a country, should be among the Dec of this new order with an all-out understanding. In order for deep economic fluctuations to re-enter the upward trend and gain a rapid upward momentum, we need to be able to produce and export high-tech and high-value-added products. As IKMIB, we are implementing our Chemical Technology Center project, which we have been working on for two years, inshallah, this year, in order to evaluate this surge in favor of our sector and our country. Approximately 70 percent of exporters in our sample that will enable you to save time and reduce costs internationally accredited reference laboratories, entrepreneurship and start-ups in the areas of massive funding organizations identify opportunities for new innovations, and revitalize the cooperation between industry and universities, to promote and export companies seeking to export the SME SME support centers, intelligence, status, and Trend Index will support, I am also honored to share with you the well-deserved pride of having signed a very important project that will open scientific publications to users at the touch of a button with its digital library. We will open it again later this year, inshallah, we will all do it together,”he said.

Pelister: “We are aiming for first place on a sectoral basis with exports of 50 billion dollars in 2030”

Expressing that they have determined the “Vision 2030” strategy for the new era in chemical exports, Pelister said, “Our goal is to increase our chemical sector exports to the level of 50 billion dollars in 2030 and to take first place on a sectoral basis. I have no doubt that we will achieve this. We are rolling up our sleeves to organize an international branch as a Chemical Sector Platform within the framework of the 2030 vision next year. On this occasion, we will also have created our 2023-2030 Chemical Industry Strategy Document. Our whole goal and goal is 2030. Because global institutions and organizations, as well as our state, are also organizing their sustainability-based economic development goals according to their 2030 plans. This is also the goal of the United Nations. With all these projects, we will also have given our IKMIB the prestigious status of Global Compact that the United Nations Development Program gives to reputable institutions,”he said.

Companies that have won awards in the Plastic and Packaging categories 

Export of Plastic Raw Materials: Ravago Petrochemical Co.Sh., Organic Chemistry A.Sh., Cfn Chem.Sh., Poliya Polyester A.Sh., Turquoise Polyester Ltd. Şti.

Export of Films and Sheets Made of Plastic: Polinas Plastic A.Sh., Constantia Propak Ambalaj A.Sh., Egger, A.Sh., Amcor Flexibles Istanbul Ambalaj A.Sh., Korozo Foreign Trade Co.Sh. 

Export of Construction Plastics: Europen A.Sh., Superlite Pipe A.Sh., Ege Profil A.Sh., Subor Pipe A.Sh., Firat Plastik Küçük A.Ş.Sh.

Plastic Household and Kitchen Utensils Export: Demka Plastic Glassware Ltd.Şti., Gonpa Household Appliances Ltd.Şti., World Plastics Ltd.Şti., Miradan Glass and Plastic Ltd.Şti., Üçsan Plastic and Mold Co., Ltd.Şti.

Plastic Disposable Household and Kitchen Utensils Export: Yildiz Plastic and Packaging Ltd.Şti., Arcplast Plastic Packaging Ltd.Şti., Separ Plastics Ltd.Şti., Policap Plastik and Ambalaj A.Sh., Yömser Export A.Sh. 

Hard Plastic Packaging Export: Bericap Cover A.Sh., Beno Plastic Packaging & Mould A.Sh., Işık Plastik A.Sh., Superior Plastic Packaging A.Sh., Has Plastic A.Sh.

Flexible Plastic Packaging Export: Elif Plastic Packaging A.Sh., Vatan Plastik A.Sh., Korozo Foreign Trade Co.Sh., Asir Plast Plastik A.Sh., Maya Plastic Packaging A.Sh.

Other Articles Made of Plastic Exports: Işınplast Plastik A.Sh., Tam Plastic & Mould Ltd.Şti., Lithopak Printing Paper and Packaging A.Sh., Çakırlar Printing and Packaging Ltd.Şti., Color Plastic Ltd. Şti.

Plastic Stationery and Toys Export: Derya Stationery Co., Ltd. Şti., Science Toys and Utensils Ltd.Şti., Full Toy A.Sh., Pensan Pen and Paper A.Sh., Paff Toys & Chemicals Ltd. Şti.